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up to 30% off

Jul 21

Up to 30% off for our Island Select Ground Kona Coffee (15% off Extra Fancy & Iced Coffee)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UCC Hawaii is not able to open our Retail Store and not able to offer our Tours. We have an overstock of inventory and we are offering an up to 30% discount for our Island Select Ground Kona coffee products.


ucc kona coffee farm

Mar 25

Tour cancellation announcement

In light of the COVID 19 emergency, effective March 25 through April 30, 2020, we are stopping all Tours in our Retail Store. (more…)

coffee picking

Jul 23

Limited time only, Kona Coffee harvest experience tour!

Expand your knowledge of Kona coffee with this coffee harvest experience tour, available for a limited time only!  Learn the labor of the pickers and how premium Kona coffee is made.



Jun 25

Supporting local coffee farmers

We have started selling a special coffee product from a small farm for a limited time, as part of UCC Hawaii’s support for local businesses. (more…)

Mar 06

Kona snow movie!

Kona snow season is here. We had the first Kona snow in January this year and having the coldest winter in Hawaii. (more…)

Jan 17

Kona Marathon registration has started

Kona Marathon is taking the 26th-anniversary and it’ll be held on June 30th this year. (more…)

kona coffee estate

Jan 08

Happy new year! Our estate Peaberry is here!!

Aloha everyone! We hope you folks had a wonderful holiday season. (more…)

UCC Hawaii Driving Directions

Dec 04

How to get to our beautiful coffee estate!

We uploaded a video how to get to UCC Hawaii Kona coffee estate. (more…)

UCC Hawaii Christmas

Nov 19

Holiday Special 2018

The warmest greetings of this holiday season! Good coffee makes everyone smile:) Have a holy jolly tasty Christmas!  (more…)

kona coffee festival

Nov 06

48th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is Hawaii’s oldest food festival and it will be held from November 9th to 18th this year. (more…)