Oct 13

NEWS ! A complimentary 7oz bag (Ground only) of Free Gift COFFEE


It’s the season for delicious hot coffee!

To express our gratitude for your continued business,

we have prepared a gift (limited supply).

For purchases of $90 or more (excluding shipping) of all UCC HAWAII products from our website, we will include one bag of Free Gift Coffee (Ground, 7oz).

UCC HAWAII’s ground coffee products are “Crackulated”… which means the Coffee’s astringent skin is removed by using a special machine called a “Crackulator.”

This brings out a clear taste and removes any unpleasant bitterness!

Orders placed between

10/16(mon) ~ 10/30(fri)

Will include this limited-time gift!

We’re eager for you to enjoy our coffee!

Place orders on our website. → ucc-hawaii.com