Dec 16

Picking season is almost over…


Well here we are and the year and picking season are almost over. We are still sun-drying cherries and we are in the last round for picking coffee. We have been cleaning and pruning our trees, taking off the dead branches and putting them into large trash bags with a little oil inside so we can keep control over any insects. We are also planting over 1500 trees this season and our nursery has plenty of seedlings growing. This way, we have our own keiki trees for planting and keep outside pests away.

We are following all Hawaii Health Department standards for this pandemic. Our Retail Store and Espresso Bar are open. Order our famous Affogato from the Espresso Bar and enjoy the view.  You can sit on our Lanai and social distance with no problem.

Maybe you would like to take a little walk around the farm. We have free Farm tours  and you can do a self-guided tour of our farm! We hope to see you soon and “Enjoy a taste of Aloha”