Dec 17

UCC Hawaii Joins the 111-Hawaii Project!

The 111-Hawaii Project is about working together with local businesses to help develop unified branded products that can be sold in Hawaii and help revitalize the community. Portion of all sales will be donated to help lead positive ecological growth throughout local communities in Hawaii.

As a “Made in Hawaii” donation product, the UCC Hawaii product is a 100% Kona Iced Coffee that became the first 111-Hawaii project collaborative piece. The 111-Hawaii ideas matched well with the company’s philosophy and goal. You can purchase our products at the 111-Hawaii showroom in the popular Waikiki boutique shop “Akakura House”.

Simply buying a gift helps Hawaii. Please come to visit the showroom.


[ 111-Hawaii Project official website ]


[ Showroom ]

Akakura House > MAP
280 Beachwalk Ave. Honolulu, HI 96815(Next to Hard Rock Cafe)
Open: 10:00am – 10:00pm Tel: 808-822-5980